'Part war story, part love story and part courtroom drama – a great sweeping epic.' The first casualty of war is truth. The second is innocence … Esteemed human rights lawyer Su-Lin Tan barely recognizes Professor Paris Thumboo when he delivers a history lecture in London. The last time she saw him was in a crowded Malayan courtroom more than half a century ago, during the trial that would change her life … It’s 1951 and Malaya is in the grip of ‘The Emergency’, a bitter guerrilla war between government forces and communist rebels. Yet eight-year-old Su-Lin lives in relative ignorance of the chaos raging around her. That … [Read more...]

Amber Road


With intrigue, romance and suspense to rival Gone With the Wind, Amber Road tells an epic story of one woman's indomitable spirit against the backdrop of World War Two. As an empire is swept away, a young woman's world is ripped apart ... It's 1941 and seventeen-year-old Victoria Khoo lives in luxury in colonial Singapore. Her carefree days are spent fantasising about marrying Sebastian Boustead, scion of a great British merchant family, and becoming mistress of his imposing mansion on Amber Road. Not even Sebastian's arrival from London with his new fiancée, Elizabeth Nightingale, can dampen her dreams... Then the war reaches … [Read more...]



Mr Hardaker said, 'You know what Ludo means, don't you? It's Latin for I play. You can look it up if you don't believe me. Sometimes I think she chose it herself.' For most people, 1961 was just something you had to pass through to get to where you wanted to go. And for fifteen-year-old Jockey it was no different – only he was going down. Sinking straight to the black heart of Sydney's underbelly. It began simply enough, with a job at Paton Electrical in Sydney's inner west, working as an errand boy for Mr Hardaker – a man with more sides to him than a cut diamond. So how did he come to be involved in the Dodge Phoenix affair and … [Read more...]

Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls

Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls Cover

Based on true events, Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls recreates one of the 20th century’s great untold stories. Cuba, 1959: In the final year of his life, Errol Flynn found time for one last adventure. The dashing star of many Hollywood films had always longed to be a real hero. Fidel Castro was the genuine article, and now he was looking for fame. What each man had the other wanted and, as revolution raged around them, the stage was set for an explosive encounter. Cuba is on the brink of revolution and Errol Flynn is there making what will be his final film. When they meet, Errol is involved in the latest in a long line of … [Read more...]