boydandersonBoyd grew up in Sydney’s inner west and, after living in various places overseas, finds himself back where his roots were first watered, by Port Jackson.

Like many writers in the English language, he had a long career in advertising and was a Creative Director in Sydney, various Asian cities, and New York. He has also been a principal of his own agency in Sydney.

His day-job writing won awards in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Sydney, as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions at Cannes.

Meanwhile, he struggled with ‘long copy’ after hours.

That effort resulted in the publication of Children of the Dust through Random House in 1997, written in collaboration with daytime colleague, Rory McCourt.

Eventually he managed to extend the night-time struggle into daytime passion.

His first solo novel, Errol, Fidel and the Cuban Rebel Girls, was published by University of Queensland Press in 2010. This was followed by Ludo, through the same publisher, in 2011.

In 2013 he returned to Random House for, Amber Road, and his new novel for 2014, The Heart Radical.

Fundamental to Boyd’s writing is thoroughly researched cultural and political fact providing background for the actions and attitudes of historically relevant characters.

He says he never knows where those characters will lead him when he first meets them, which is where the passion comes from.

He also says he has no qualms about ending sentences with prepositions.